Happy Belated New Year!

So this is a touch late, but wtf. 2017 was amazing. My band took off, got into Metal Hammer twice! Myself as an artist have become way more established, always busy with commissions and audio work now which is what I wanted. The Twitch channel grew some and shows promise in growing more, especially since I showed my face at TwitchCon 😀

Plans for this year are to record and release the I the Betrayer album, along with a new electronic EP that is almost complete, as yet unnamed and still having things decided upon. Stream music creation more regularly on twitch, either commissions or personal musical journeys depending on if people mind their songs being streamed.

Working on new endorsements, can’t say anything about who it is yet but it’s in the works.

I’m looking forwarad to 2018. 😀

I’ll do better to keep this updated.


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