New Studio, new signature guitar picks maybe…

So I have been rebuilding the studio, and it looks a bloody mess. It’s serviceable for now so I can create but it’s not even close to optimal. Anyone wanting to visit is going to either be arranged for in about a month’s time or will have to ignore the mess.

I still have one wall to finish and some shelving etc to put up, plus get the acoustic treatment in, should be done asap. I’ve decided to name it The Riffinery. Because any name that alludes to something metal is a-ok in my book 😉

And yes! I might well be producing my own signature line of guitar picks with my endorsing company, Winspear Picks. I love the feel and hardness of these and have been thinking about ways to develop a certain shape, size, thickness and feel that would best allow me to play guitar optimally and with the most comfort possible. More news as this happens, but I’m excited!

The new ITB video should be out in the next couple of weeks, and after that we’ll be hard at work getting our new single out as well as gigging all over Norway (and afar).


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