News! Stuff happening!

So the I the Betrayer EP is DONE! FINITO! I ended up doing all the mixing and mastering myself, so if it sounds a bit hairy in places… Shut up 😛

It’s releasing on the 5th June on iTunes, Google Play, all the usual places and we’re doing a run of physical CDs as well. More info on that as it comes.

My new studio, now named The Riffinery, is underway. We’re putting up a new wall soon and then audio treatment will happen after that. Finally got all the video equipment for the new Youtbe channel, things are happening!

I also replied to Chapman Guitars’ tweet with an EPK and an email detailing who I am and why I love them, fingers crossed!!

I have some time for commissions now, so if you need music for any event send me an email! Or use the contact page. 😀

Until next time,


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