Welcome to my official website! I am a metal producer and professional bassist with many years of playing experience both live and in the studio under my belt. If you’re after a theme-tune for your Twitch stream, YouTube channel or a soundtrack for a video game, I’m your guy. Even if you just want some fresh basslines to go on the track you’ve written, you’re in the right place. Go to the contact page to send me a message, or just go listen to some of my previous work. 🙂 New cover just released: I the Betrayer – Shepherd of Fire

Royalty Free

These tracks are available to use in your projects/streams/YouTube videos for absolutely free. The only requirement is you add a link to this website as attribution. I will be adding tracks to this list as often as twice a month.

These are available on iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal etc.

Previous Work

Listen to a selection of my previous work.


I am a professional bassist and producer, based in Norway. I create music mostly in rock, metal and EDM genres but am open to give most sounds a try. I’m proudly endorsed by Spector Basses and Winspear Instrumental.

I record using Focusrite, RNC, GAP and other assorted hardware with Reaper/Reason software, depending on the song. I use a mix of Spector basses, Jackson, Chapman and Ran guitars.


Use this form to get in touch with me about your musical project. Or you can simply send me an email.